Remote Bookkeeping Packages

Basic Bookkeeping Package Features:

Ideal for the business owner who does not need to maintain control over the records. You will continue to pay your bills via your checking or online account and also invoice your clients. If your situation changes and you find that you do need access to your Quick Books files online, then we will customize a package for your business.

1. How we receive your information

We will send to you a postage paid envelope within one week after contracting with us. Simply insert all your business receipts, vendor bills and invoices and send to us. We will enter up to 150 entries per month. Once all your information is entered we will send back to your office along with another postage paid, self addressed return envelope ready for the next batch.

2. We will code your receipts, bills, deposits, expenses and invoices into a chart of accounts tailored to your specific business needs.

3. Deposits will be entered to a standard income account “Sales”

4. We will reconcile one bank account and one credit card account per month

5. A Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable report will be generated and sent to you monthly

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